Water feature with a wood walkway in the Hamptons, NY

Water Features

Upgrade Your Hamptons Landscaping with Pristine Water Features

There’s nothing quite like the captivating sights and sounds of a quality-made water feature. From tranquil fountains and reflecting pools to cascading waterfalls, the Oceanview Landscapes team is ready to expertly design and install water features that add a touch of serene natural elegance to your Hamptons property.

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Water feature with a koi pond in the Hamptons, NY

The Allure of Water Features in the Hamptons

Water features can transform any landscape with their soothing sounds, natural charm, and undeniable visual beauty. Whether it’s a fountain’s gentle trickle or a waterfall’s rhythmic splash, your backyard will be transformed into a sanctuary of relaxation. Visually, they add movement, texture, and a strong focal point for your landscaping. The dramatic beauty of a waterfall, the graceful curves of a fountain – all of these together enhance your property’s aesthetic and harmony with surrounding nature.

Plus, water features turn into vibrant ecosystems, especially when placed in a garden. Birdbaths, ponds, and other features attract birds, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures that add life and energy to your outdoor space. A strategically placed water feature can also minimize distractions and mask unwanted noise to provide a more peaceful outdoor environment in your Hamptons property.

Water Feature Variety

At Oceanview Landscapes, we provide our Hamptons clients with a wide range of uniquely designed and installed water features, including:


Classic tiered fountains, contemporary wall-mounted designs – anything you set your mind to, we’ll install a fountain on your property that adds elegance and calming ambiance.


Ponds create a veritable micro-ecosystem for your property, especially when equipped with aquatic plants, or even koi fish.


There’s nothing in nature quite so dramatic as a cascading waterfall. No matter the size or scale of your waterfall, we can make it happen.

Reflecting Pools

There’s a reason so many poets have spent hours or even days by reflecting pools. The serenity and peacefulness of a reflecting pool in the Hamptons cannot be overstated.

And More

Oceanview Landscapes is also fully equipped to install larger systems like gunite pools and spas.

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Oceanview Landscapes employee working on a water feature

Time to Explore Water Features?

Contact the Oceanview Landscapes team today to discuss how we can bring water’s magic to your outdoor living space.

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