Oceanview Landscapes employee caring for a lawn in the Hamptons, New York

Professional Lawn Care in the Hamptons

Achieve a Lush, Healthy Lawn in The Hamptons with Expert Lawn Care Services

The foundation of any striking Hamptons landscape is a beautiful lawn. Oceanview Landscapes provides comprehensive lawn care services in the Hamptons customized to the unique challenges of our coastal environment. We’ll help create and maintain a vibrant lawn that enhances your property’s natural beauty and functionality.

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The Benefits of Customized Lawn Care in the Hamptons

Our coastal climates, sandy soils, and seasonal upheavals demand specialized lawn care services. At Oceanview Landscapes, our expertise means:

  • We Understand Local Challenges: Our lawn care services address numerous factors like salt tolerance, pest pressures, and soil issues specific to the Hamptons.
  • We Take a Proactive Approach: Through regular maintenance, we can prevent problems long before they become major issues to keep your gorgeous lawn healthy year-round.
  • We Offer Targeted Solutions: Our team knows the right fertilizers, weed control solutions, and pest management strategies for your lawn’s specific needs
Oceanview Landscapes worker mowing a lawn

Lawn Care Services Breakdown


We understand proper mowing techniques to promote thicker growth and overall lawn health.


Our customized fertilization programs create strong root systems and ensure vibrant colors.

Weed Control

We’ll address both pre-emergent and existing weeds to help you maintain a weed-free lawn.

Pest & Disease Management

Through proactive monitoring and targeted treatments, our team can help you protect your lawn from pest and disease related damage.

Aeration & Overseeding

Oceanview Landscapes can revitalize your lawn with core aeration and overseeding to maintain optimal density and lushness.

Manicured lawn and home in the Hamptons, NY
Plants in a yard in the Hamptons

The Oceanview Landscapes Lawn Care Difference

Our experienced Hamptons lawn care services team is dedicated to providing the highest quality services money can buy. We take great pride in our attention to detail, our dedication to open communication, and our environmentally conscious practices that ensure our Hamptons environment stays healthy for future generations.

When you want a beautiful lawn that goes far beyond mere aesthetics, we’ll help you achieve it. If you’re ready to realize a lawn that’s the perfect space for relaxation, play, and entertaining, reach out to a member of the Oceanview Landscapes lawn care services team today.

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