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Experienced Landscape Installation in Hamptons

Oceanview Landscapes has one of the most skilled and experienced landscape installation teams in the Hamptons. We’re ready to combine talented craftsmanship with our innate expertise to serve the unique needs of the Hamptons environment to create breathtaking finished installations.

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The Art & Science of Landscape Installation

The reality of landscaping installation is that it won’t work without careful planning and expert execution. Fortunately, we have everything it takes to achieve this in our well-crafted process:

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Site Preparation

First, we’ll prepare the ground to ensure proper grading and address any drainage or pressing soil issues to ensure long-term project success.



Next, we’ll install patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other critical structural elements with the utmost precision to create both beauty and functionality.


Plant Selection & Placement

Our team of native plant experts can help you choose plants that perfectly suit your outdoor conditions and design goals. Then, we’ll place them in areas that instill an immediate visual impact and guarantee healthy growth.


Water Features

We’ll integrate fountains, ponds, and other water features seamlessly to add tranquility and a touch of natural beauty to your landscaping.


Attention to Detail

No matter the size or scale of your project – from the smallest plants to the largest hardscaping elements – we install every feature with care to ensure your finished landscape soars above your expectations.

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Custom-Built for the Hamptons

At Oceanview Landscapes, we understand the unique challenges of installing landscapes in coastal climates like ours. We’ll select materials and plants that can withstand these elements and install them in ways that ensure they thrive in the Hamptons environment. Thanks to our deep knowledge of local conditions and regulations, we’ll guarantee a smooth installation process that ends in beautiful and lasting results.

Collaboration and Communication

Throughout your landscaping installation process, we’ll prioritize an open channel of communication to keep you updated on progress and address all your questions. Our goal is to bring life to your landscaping vision that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

The Oceanview team wants you to witness the potential of your Hamptons property unfold as your landscape design comes to life with our expert installation services. From initial site preparation to the finishing touches, our skilled installation team brings beauty, functionality, and enduring value to every outdoor space we touch. Contact our team today to let us elevate your Hamptons property with expert landscape installation services!

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