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A Pricing Guide to Help You Plan

At Oceanview Landscapes, we design and build custom landscapes in Southampton, New York and Surrounding Areas that suit your exact needs. To help you budget for your project, we have created this helpful landscape pricing guide. The prices do vary based on the size of your space, the amount of prep work we need to do, and the materials we use to create your unique landscape or outdoor living area. This landscape pricing guide helps you know what to expect before we provide you a detailed and accurate quote.

Front of a white home in the Hamptons, NY

Landscape Design

$6,000 - $12,000+

Each new landscape begins with a creative design plan. Our landscape design process helps you envision your outdoor space in new ways. We collaborate with you throughout the design process, so you can have the plants and features that truly speak to you. This aspect of the landscaping process includes:

  • Beautifully-detailed color drawings of the site plan, drawn to scale
  • Desired hardscape and landscape features placed into the plan
  • Images of the plants we will use
  • Images of many types of landscaping elements that you can use for inspiration
  • 3D designs, construction documentation (available at an additional cost)
  • Depending on the cost of your final design and installation contract, 50-100% of the design fees are credited back to the installation cost upon our construction proposal acceptance and deposit
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Home in the Hamptons framed by tree and manicured lawn

Landscape Development

$25K - $1,000,000+

The installation of your new landscape and outdoor living area brings your vision into reality. We offer full-service installation for efficiency and high-quality craftsmanship. And if you sign up for our maintenance, you'll receive a lifetime warranty on your installation. A landscape installation is multi-faceted and unique. Your project could include the following services and elements:

  • Site prep, removals and grading: $5k - $45k+
  • Soil remediation for lawn or bed areas: $10k - $40k+
  • Drainage: $5k - $25k+
  • Patios: $15k - $100k+
  • Lighting: $5k - $35k+
  • Walls: $10k - $100k+
  • Portable fire pits: $1,500+
  • Built-in fire pits: $5k - $10k+
  • Pergolas: $15k - $30k+
  • Pavilions: $50k - $150k+
  • Water features: $10k - $100k+
  • Outdoor kitchens: $15k - $50k+
  • Irrigation system: $10k - $30k+
  • Plantings: $10k - $100k+
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Oceanview Landscapes employee caring for a lawn in the Hamptons, New York

Landscape Maintenance


Keep your outdoor areas healthy and impeccable all year long with a landscape maintenance plan from Oceanview Landscapes. We offer full-service maintenance packages, including irrigation services. Prices vary depending on the size of your property and the complexity of your maintenance needs.

Plant Care

$200+ per application - Enjoy the beauty of healthy plants without the hassle of tending them thanks to our customized plant health care plan.

Flower Containers

$1,500 - $3,500+ - Spruce up your outdoor living spaces with flower containers brimming with color and texture. We'll refresh the containers throughout the year to match the seasons.

Vegetable Gardens

$1,500 - $5,000+ - Benefit from the goodness of a vegetable garden. Our team will plant the garden, weed and tend it, and harvest it, so you can enjoy your favorite garden vegetables fresh from the garden.

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Relaxing pool lounge area in the Hamptons, NY

Pools & Spas

$75K - $200K+

We tailor your pool area to your needs, so you can enjoy personalized luxury every day. Your relaxing pool area could include the following features:

  • Pool pavilion or structure: $45k - $150k+
  • Fireplaces: $15k - $40k+
  • Firepits: $5k - $10k+
  • Water features: $10k - $30k+
  • Masonry Walls: $10k - $100k+
  • Gunite Spa: $30k - $45k+
  • Gunite Pools: $75k - 150k+
  • Pool patio and/or deck: $15k - $100k+

To learn more about our pool services, check out our Pools & Spas page.

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Trees and an outdoor sculpture

Tree Services


Let our tree experts take exceptional care of all the trees on your property. Our services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree air spading
  • Cabling
  • Transplanting
  • Pest and disease management programs
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Oceanview Landscapes employee treating a lawn for pests

Tick & Mosquito Control

$150 - $300+ PER APPLICATION

Protect your family and pets from ticks and mosquitoes. We apply tick and mosquito control multiple times throughout the season to ensure a safe and worry-free outdoor environment.

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Oceanview Landscapes employee working on an irrigation system for a client in the Hamptons, NY

Irrigation Services


  • Spring system activation and system audit
  • Winterization
  • New irrigation system
  • System maintenance
  • Seasonal maintenance visits
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