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Hamptons Landscape Lighitng and Outoor Audio Services

Illuminate and Enrich Your Hamptons Outdoors with Lighting & Audio Features

Oceanview Landscapes knows exactly how to bring life to your outdoor living space – day or night. Our expertly designed and installed lighting and audio systems add ambiance, increase safety, and extend the enjoyment you’ll get from your Hamptons property – no matter the time of day.

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The Magic of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting in the Hamptons is about far more than mere illumination. You can use it to create mood, highlight beauty, and enhance your appreciation of your outside space. When we design lighting systems, we consider:


Landscape lighting can show off architectural details, light up gorgeous trees, or cast soft light on pathways to create a more magical environment.


Lighting can make passage on walkways, steps, and pools a safer experience during the evening hours.


The presence alone of subtle lighting can deter intruders, granting you unimaginable peace of mind for your Hamptons lifestyle.


With the right lighting scheme, you’ll enhance relaxation or liveliness in your outdoor living spaces.

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The Power of Outdoor Audio

Imagine hearing your favorite artist or album whenever you want – and being able to share that during a gathering of friends and family. Or maybe you just want a way to set a peaceful or energetic mood. With seamlessly integrated audio systems, you can accomplish this at any time without the added headache of dragging out heavy speakers or hiring a DJ.

Our Hamptons Landscape Lighting & Audio Expertise

Oceanview Landscapes has the technical know-how to design and install discreet systems that deliver incredible visual and auditory experience. We prioritize energy-efficiency through LED lighting options and speaker solutions that can withstand the coastal climate to ensure better performance and longevity. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and deliver perfectly aligned solutions that suit your property and your budget.

Interested in adding landscape lighting and sound to your Hamptons property? Give the Oceanview Landscapes team a call today!

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